Insights into the McKinsey Solve Game: Your Ultimate Guide


The McKinsey Solve Game, also known as the McKinsey Problem Solving Game or Imbellus, is an essential part of McKinsey's digital assessment. This game evaluates candidates' problem-solving skills through interactive, game-based scenarios. Our comprehensive guide will help you understand and excel in the various components of the game, including the Ecosystem Management Game, Redrock Study, and the Ocean Treatment Game.


Understanding the McKinsey Solve Game

What is the McKinsey Solve Game?

The McKinsey Solve Game is a digital assessment tool designed to test candidates' cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills through engaging and challenging scenarios. This tool is used by McKinsey to identify top talent and is a key part of their recruitment process.


Components of the McKinsey Solve Game

Ecosystem Management Game

In this game, candidates are tasked with creating a sustainable ecosystem by selecting and placing various species in an optimal location. Success relies on understanding environmental conditions and the interdependencies of species within the ecosystem. The goal is to balance the ecosystem so that all species thrive.

McKinsey Redrock Study

Introduced in early 2023, this game replaces the Plant Defense game and involves data analysis and prediction of animal population trends based on given data. The game is structured into four phases: Investigation, Analysis, Report, and Case. Candidates must perform calculations and make predictions to complete the tasks. This component tests analytical and predictive abilities crucial for a consulting role.

Ocean Treatment Game

Currently in the testing phase, this game requires candidates to select and place microbes to cleanse sections of the ocean. It emphasizes pattern recognition and strategic planning. Candidates must identify the most effective microbes and placement strategies to ensure the ocean sections are effectively treated.


Tips for Success

Familiarize with Game Mechanics

Understand the rules and objectives of each game. Practice with similar problem-solving tasks to build your skills. Familiarity with game mechanics can significantly improve performance.

Practice Time Management

Each game has a strict time limit. Practice completing tasks efficiently to ensure you can perform well under time constraints. Time management is crucial in high-pressure scenarios like the McKinsey Solve Game.

Use Available Resources

Consider using simulation tools and guides to practice game scenarios and improve performance. There are numerous online resources available that simulate the game environment, providing a realistic practice experience.

Stay Updated

The games can change, so stay informed about the latest versions and updates to remain competitive. Regularly check resources like the McKinsey Digital Assessment page and relevant blogs to stay current.


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Additional Resources

For more detailed information and practice materials, visit the official McKinsey Digital Assessment page.

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