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Tell me something about Barclays

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In the tumultuous world of finance, where trends are set and revolutions ignited, Barclays Bank stands as an indomitable giant at the heart of the global financial stage. From its humble beginnings in 1690 as a small goldsmith banking operation on the streets of London to its evolution into a renowned financial behemoth, Barclays' journey is nothing short of an epic saga. This narrative is a testament to courage, wisdom, innovation, and responsibility, serving as a clarion call to every aspiring professional dreaming of making their mark in the financial domain.

The Origins and Evolution of Barclays

Let's journey back to London in 1690, where John Freame and Thomas Gould, two visionary goldsmiths, laid the foundation of what would become Barclays. The entry of James Barclay into the partnership in 1736 forever etched the Barclays name in the annals of finance, marking the beginning of its legacy as a pioneer in financial innovation.

In 1896, Barclays and Company Limited was formed through the union of twelve banks, including Goslings Bank and Backhouse's Bank, catalyzing a period of rapid expansion that transformed it into a national bank. Barclays' innovation was further underscored in 1967 with the introduction of the world's first ATM, cementing its status as a leader in financial technology.

A Global Financial Titan

Today, Barclays operates across more than 40 countries, employs over 80,000 people, and stands as Europe's fifth-largest bank. Its reach extends far beyond the UK, encompassing Barclays International's Corporate and Investment Bank and Consumer, Cards & Payments business, serving large companies, institutions, and government clients worldwide.

The Culture and Responsibility of Barclays

Barclays' triumphs are rooted not just in its exceptional financial services but also in its profound sense of duty towards employees, clients, and society at large. As a global bank, Barclays recognizes its profound impact on societal responsibility and sustainable development. Whether promoting financial inclusivity, supporting environmental initiatives, or aiding in disaster relief efforts, Barclays is committed to making the world a better place.

Join Barclays and Fulfill Your Financial Aspirations

For those passionate and eager to excel in the financial sphere, Barclays offers a platform brimming with challenges and opportunities. Here, you can be part of innovative product development, engage in significant cross-border M&A transactions, or provide expert risk management advice to global clients. Barclays' diverse operations and global perspective ensure unique growth paths and career opportunities for every employee.

The Future of Barclays, Written Together

The Barclays story is a collective legend woven by all who are part of it. Here, everyone's efforts and talents are recognized and rewarded. We believe that through relentless effort and continuous innovation, Barclays will continue to shine and lead in the future of finance.


Now, Barclays extends an invitation to ambitious individuals worldwide: Join us in creating more possibilities, pursuing higher dreams, and achieving a more splendid future together.