Our Story

Thingsncrafts strives at bringing together the whole of India on a platter for you. Our aim is to become the one stop shop for all your handcrafted needs. We have traveled and are still travelling the length and breadth of our country to make sure you get the most authentic handcrafted products.

We are a company with a conscience. We aim at uplifting our craftsmen & their trade so that in this digital age, our age-old traditions, customs, and arts don't go extinct.

Ages ago, Indian weavers wove silk so fine that it could pass through the ring of your little finger. This is an art now extinct. There are multiple numbers of such art forms which once flourished and now they are almost extinct. We are trying to give these art forms a platform so that they can flourish again. All we need is a little effort and loads of help to revive and rejuvenate the forgotten arts and artists all over India.