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Tell me something about Goldman Sachs

This journal is designed to bolster your understanding of Goldman Sachs' rich history, an essential edge for your upcoming interview. Should you have additional insights or suggestions, please feel free to share them below.


From the Journey Begins, Innovation to Why Choose Goldman.

For 150 years, Goldman Sachs has been shaping financial trends and creating waves in the financial world, standing unbreakable at the heart of the global financial stage. From the modest beginnings of Marcus Goldman's commercial paper business on the streets of New York in 1869 to becoming a global financial titan, Goldman Sachs' journey is akin to a thrilling epic. It's a tale of courage, wisdom, innovation, and responsibility—a call to every career-minded individual dreaming of making their mark in finance.


The Journey Begins: Dreaming Big

In 1869, German-Jewish immigrant Marcus Goldman embarked on his financial dream in New York, little knowing his small firm would one day become the renowned Goldman Sachs. Amidst a period of credit crunch, Marcus's sharp market insights led him to pioneer commercial paper trading, laying the foundation for Goldman Sachs.


Innovation and Breakthrough: Crafting a Financial Legend

The story of Goldman Sachs is filled with innovation and breakthroughs. As early as the 20th century, Goldman Sachs revolutionized investment banking by inventing the PE valuation method. This innovation enabled companies with sound operations but hard-to-demonstrate assets to secure financing, significantly advancing the consumer industry. Moreover, in the 1970s, Goldman Sachs became a champion of "anti-hostile takeovers," protecting countless small and medium enterprises and showcasing a spirit that valued corporate responsibility and social contribution as much as profit.


Navigating Financial Storms

During the 2008 financial crisis, Goldman Sachs exhibited extraordinary strategic acumen and resilience. While many peers struggled, Goldman Sachs successfully transitioned into a bank holding company, securing emergency loan assistance from the Federal Reserve and emerging stronger from the crisis, marking itself as one of the big winners.


A Haven for Career Dreamers

Goldman Sachs offers every employee a stage to showcase their talents and achieve their dreams. Beyond generous compensation and benefits, the firm fosters a culture of innovation. Goldman Sachs values the personal development and career planning of each employee, with many young talents rapidly advancing to become industry leaders here. For instance, a young data analyst developed a novel risk assessment tool, enhancing the firm's competitive edge and achieving significant career success.


Why Choose Goldman Sachs

Looking back on Goldman Sachs' 150-year journey, it stands as a symbol of financial innovation and career aspirations, as well as a university brimming with intelligence, courage, and innovative spirit. For those eager to shine in the finance sector, Goldman Sachs is undoubtedly one of the most appealing destinations. Here, every day is filled with challenges and opportunities, every project a test of personal skills and teamwork. At Goldman Sachs, the story is not just about finance, but about adapting and innovating in an ever-changing world to stay ahead.

Joining Goldman Sachs means becoming part of this legendary tale. With endless possibilities, whether your interest lies in data analysis, asset management, investment banking, or tech innovation, Goldman Sachs offers a platform to fully unleash your potential. More importantly, its global perspective and multicultural work environment will add a unique international experience to your career, enabling you to navigate the global financial stage with ease.

Here, your efforts and talent will receive the fairest evaluation and the most substantial rewards. The success story of Goldman Sachs, written in every chapter by the hard work and outstanding achievements of its employees, now extends an invitation to ambitious individuals worldwide. Regardless of where you come from, as long as you have dreams, passion, and ability, you have the opportunity to join the Goldman Sachs family and embark on your own financial legend.

The future of Goldman Sachs is a story written by all of us. Here, everyone has the chance to be a force for change, and every individual's growth and success contribute significantly to the grand narrative of Goldman Sachs. Let's together create more possibilities, pursue higher dreams, and achieve greater selves.